DryMax Combimat

Hygienic single-use mat which has primarily been developed to create a better and drier working environment for gynaecologists and urologists.

This large mat comprises of two areas, one is absorbent and the other a superabsorbent area. The mat is designed to absorb flushing liquid (ie irrigation fluid), urine and blood.

The white absorbent area is suitable for standing on and can also be placed under a stool. An anti-skid/ barrier layer keeps the mat in place and prevents fluids from going through, thereby minimising the risk of wet and slippery floors. The green superabsorbent area has a very high absorption capacity, binding water-based fluids – keeping them from leaking out. As the mat can easily be folded it can be used to protect shoes, floors and other areas.

By retaining the contaminated fluids DryMax Combimat contributes to infection control of operations and examinations. It provides a drier, more hygienic, safer and pleasant working environment – also meaning less time and money spent on cleaning. Depending on the fluid absorbed – the mat can be disposed of in the usual manner. Turn-around time is reduced considerably, allowing for more operations to be carried out.


REF Size Applications Use
F22202 100×110 cm
White absorbent part absorbs all liquids; green superabsorbent part absorbs waterbased liquids such as saline, urine and blood. Disposable product for single use, do not cut the product, do not stand on the green superabsorbent part – risk of slipperiness, white walkable part with blue antiskid surface towards the floor.
Sterile Absorbency Disposal Packaging

15 litres of tap water or 7 litres of 0.9% NaCl. Green part: 13 litres of tap water or 5 litres of 0.9% NaCl.

White part: 1,5 litres of all.

Treat as clinical waste, combustion forms carbon dioxide and water. 5 pcs/plastic bag x 6 = 30 pcs/box.
  • Foldable for your flexibility
  • Less time and money spent on cleaning


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